Study Skills Coaching

Based on the latest research consensus in the cognitive sciences about how we learn most effectively, Study Skills Coaching will help cients to develop learning and revision strategies that optimise their ability to store and retrieve information. This will help increase confidence and motivation when preparing for assessments, and is solidly grounded in empirical studies.

Study Skills Coaching will teach students how learning and memory works, and practical techniques to effectively use this knowledge in their own studies.

Specific areas covered include:

  • How the brain encodes memories, stores them, and retrieves them for later use;
  • Why working memory is so important for learning and ways to prevent it from getting overloaded;
  • Strategies for making memories that “stick” and can be readily recalled when needed;
  • Misconceptions that many students have about learning and ways to correct them;
  • How student mindsets and beliefs about learning can help or hinder their academic success;
  • How to help students become independent and self-regulated learners so they can lead their own learning;
  • Teaching strategies and assessment techniques that maximize student learning.
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