Chris Battle has spend years researching the factors that help some students perform well in educational assessments, and what makes others chronically underperform. 
Over the past six or seven years, I have systematically reviewed the literature pertaining to the techniques of educational success. Within these many hundreds of published works, there have been some outstanding examples of research that has challenged conventional wisdom and set trains of thought running in new directions: an example of this is the work 'Mindset' by Carol Dweck of Stanford University. This work has been inspiration to me, and has focused my study on the power of hypnotic suggestion in producing desirable outcomes for the client. My belief in the power and importance of the unconscious mind as a source of habitual tendencies - both positive and negative - has been confirmed numerous times when I have worked with clients. Anecdotal though the evidence is, when a young person stops viewing themselves negatively and starts seeing the possibilities open to their mind, educational performance and motivation often enters a virtuous circle of better results begetting higher confidence which begets increased motivation, and so forth toward even better performance academically.
Exam stress to exam success...when you want new results, it requires new thinking

Chris Battle's experience as an academic performance coach can help your child prepare for exams confidently and successfully.

Does your child start to panic at the first mention of exams? Then you are not alone. Exam nerves and stress happen to most of us. The right amount of stress can motivate us and keep us focused. Too much stress and anxiety and we lose focus on the important things, and our imagination and negative automatic thoughts take over. We start to panic and catastrophise.

Resilience coaching can teach invaluable techniques to improve memory, revision skills and most importantly to help your child feel confident within themselves that they can recall the information needed at the right time. Clients report that it’s the worry of their mind going blank at that vital moment that causes their anxiety.

Exam success depends as much on your state of mind, as it does on your academic ability. Resilience coaching can help your child walk into that examination room calm, confident and focused every time.

With the use of a gentle but deep relaxation, the unconscious mind will accept positive suggestions that will help your child strengthen their memory, increase confidence and change the way they think and behave for the better.
A relaxed mind is a confident mind that will remember and recall information when needed, leading to exam success.
Would you like your child to be that calm, confident, successful person? 
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