Systemic Learning Solutions is based in London, serving clients across the UK and internationally.
Chris Battle, director of Systemic Learning Solutions, sees it as the company's mission to help clients learn the techniques and develop the mindset to achieve outstanding success in competitive academic assessments. Whether it is learning how to study effectively for exams, or writing essays and personal statements that are coherent and organised, Systemic Learning Solutions offers a personalised, high quality service to all its clients.

A graduate of one of the world's top universities (UCL ranks 10th in the 2019 QS World University Rankings), with over a decade of experience helping students prepare for high-stakes exams, Chris knows what is required to help his clients succeed in gaining admission to the most competitive courses and institutions. As well as tutoring physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics to A level, his expertise in academic writing has helped students up to postgraduate level shape their ideas and arguments into structured, coherent and powerful prose.

Past clients have successfully gained admission to science, engineering, finance and medicine degree courses at top UK universities, including the prestigious Russell Group and Oxbridge.

During the early years of his career, Chris saw the need to learn new skills to help students achieve their potential.

"Again and again, I had clients who experienced the same problem: the student learned the material to a high standard, on practice papers they could consistently achieve 'A' grades, and then in the real exams their nerves were so bad they would achieve up to two grades less. For many GCSE and A level students, this had huge consequences on their futures; university course choices were more limited and career prospects too were affected. As a teacher, I started out focusing exclusively on improving the knowledge, understanding and exam technique of the student. Eventually, I have come to realise that a huge amount of underachievement occurs because of stress and anxiety - and it is by systematically working with these so-called 'noncognitive factors' that I help the student develop more effective habits and a more resilient mindset. The multiplier effect on an individual's overall performance is enormous when combined with a thorough mastery of subject content."

Some information about Chris Battle:
Awarded BSc Honours degree in Combined Sciences from University College London (2004).

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary Science) from Roehampton University (2005).

Postgraduate Diploma in Medicine, Science & Society from Birkbeck, University of London (2014).

Registered with the National College for Teaching and Leadership (an executive agency of the Department for Education, DfE) as a qualified teacher.

Experience of coaching hundreds of students for A level and GCSE exams

As with all professionals regularly working with young people, Chris possesses a current Enhanced DBS Disclosure certificate, which is available for all clients to inspect.
Contact Information
T: +44 (0) 7950 713158

'Systemic Learning Solutions' is a trading name of Educational Success Systems Ltd. 
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