Academic Editing & Proofreading
Academic editing and proofreading will ensure that your written work is of the highest standard. The service will ensure that your written draft will be improved in the following ways:

We will:

Check spelling & grammar, ensuring that spelling, punctuation and grammar of your work are flawless throughout.

Ensure logical flow of your writing, so that the links between one sentence to the next (and one paragraph to the next) will be natural and logical.

Improve clarity by selecting sophisticated vocabulary and careful construction of sentences to ensure that your argument is completely clear.

Improve the presentation to ensure that the layout and presentation of your work meet the highest standards of academic writing.  

Adjust the tone and register of the authorial voice to match the requirements of your audience. For example, essays will require a more formal, third person register than action research diaries.

All academic editing and proofreading services can be provided to postgraduate level.
Contact Information
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